What is mobile tax planning?

In short, we come to you before the end of the financial year and conduct a planning session around paying the optimal amount of tax based on your current and projected financials. We sit down and discuss the way your business has performed this year and any strategies available to you to minimise your tax.

The ATO themselves state:

“You have the right to arrange your financial affairs to keep your tax to a minimum – this is often referred to as tax planning, or tax-effective investing.”

Yet surprisingly, ATO research shows that 95% of taxpayers are paying more tax than they are legally required too.

a tax planning session with Julia may cover topics such as:

  • Taxable income clarification
  • Tax structuring or restructuring
  • Increasing deductions or rebates
  • Debtors and Creditors
  • GST provisions
  • Superannuation
  • Bad debts.
  • Negative gearing of properties
  • Salary sacrificing super contributions

Tax Planning vs Tax Avoidance

At Swinstead Accounting, we ensure there is a clear distinction between tax planning and tax avoidance, which largely comes down to intent. Generally speaking, the more tax you are paying, the better you are doing financially. Tax planning involves organising your tax affairs in the most tax effective way as opposed to “bending” tax laws to achieve savings.

We make this distinction because using a disreputable or unlicensed tax agent, despite being offered amazing guarantees, could get you into more trouble. See this video from the ATO that outlines the scenario.

Tax Planning Costs

Do you feel like you’re paying too much? Perhaps you’re not sure about the advice from your current tax advisor? If so, you are not alone, business tax is complex and unfortunately gets more involved every year.  We spend over 40 hours a year keeping on top of the changes in legislation and tax office rulings. 

Tax planning is great business practice and is ideally scheduled as an annual event. In order to implement a strategy or course correction uncovered during the tax planning session, we recommend these take place no later than April or May before the end of financial year.

Tax planning sessions can result in tax savings that cover the cost of the session itself.

The Swinstead Approach

Julia has a reliable track record working with a diverse range of clients including FIFO workers, tradespeople, home based businesses, freelance businesses, personal service businesses, family trusts, companies, partnerships, not for profits and sole traders to mention a few.

Swinstead Accounting is fully insured and when working with Julia, you can expect honesty, reliability, punctuality and adherence to deadlines.  You can also enjoy the flexibility that comes when working with a mobile accountant with an emphasis placed on consistent and clear communication.

  • Qualified mobile CPA, best Master of Accounting at Curtin University
  • Expert at major accounting packages including Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks
  • Experienced in mobile tax planning for some great clients across Perth
  • Toby KeenToby Keen

    As a small business sole trader, I am so happy to have found Julia as my accountant as she asks the right questions and understands what I do so the whole tax return prep process was seemless and quick. She is highly experienced, professional and really knows the inside out of tax so i feel that I'm in good hands. Thank you!

  • Helen-Ann VersteegHelen-Ann Versteeg

    Julia is hard working, honest & generous -- One lovely lady!

  • Paul WebsterPaul Webster

    Julia Swinstead doesn't only care about the numbers, she cares about people too. She will work hard to get the best outcome for you. Highly recommend.

  • Jackie CampbellJackie Campbell

    If you are looking for an accountant who is not only meticulous in her work but you can also ask any financial question that is bothering you without feeling like a dummy and get a terrific explanation, in english, the Julia is definitely the accountant for you !!!

  • Debbie AylmoreDebbie Aylmore

    Julia is a knowledgeable and thorough accountant who listens to her clients. Highly recommend

  • Lisa KniebeLisa Kniebe

    Julia is my financial rock!

    As a writer & creative numbers are not my thing. I’d tried to set myself up with simple bookkeeping systems, but I found myself in a mess at the end of this financial year! In fact, I’d given up using Quickbooks and had gone back to a spreadsheet as I didn’t now how to untangle the knots I’d created!

    Then along came Julia...

    Her pragmatic approach soon had everything sorted out and now I know exactly where I am.

    Highly recommend her for all your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

  • Julian DyerJulian Dyer

    Julia, thanks for all your help with tax returns, accounting and company structure advice. Also, a tip of the hat for always being prompt to get on the phone to help me resolve issues with my bookkeeping. I now, finally, have full confidence that my finances are systemised and I'm in a position to scale up without the unexpected growing pains.

    Oh, and if anyone is wondering, yes - having a mobile accountant is awesome.

  • Brown HackettBrown Hackett

    Julia is very professional and a pleasure to deal with, I am lucky to have her as my Accountant. Gary

  • Paul EwbankPaul Ewbank

    Julia has done wonders she has sorted out many issues my last accountant missed and I can’t thank her enough. In life they say u need a good accountant and hey I have found her !!

  • Julian DyerJulian Dyer

    Highly recommended, Julia is professional, knows her stuff and takes the time to understand your business challenges and goals before recommending solutions.

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